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Modern Love Scarf free crochet pattern by

A few weeks ago, I was out shopping with my mom when she started looking at scarves.  I told her that I could make her one, but she said “no, no, no, you are busy as it is, and you don’t need to make me anything.  I can buy one.”  Well, for once I won over my mom.  We settled on me making her one as a Christmas gift.  Here it is, December 8th and it is finished!  Hooray for not finishing it last minute!

Now the fun part of making her scarf, designing it!  Did she want a traditional scarf or a cowl, chunky or lighter weight, wide or thinner, open lace type stitches or closed, knit or crochet, wool or something else?

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I showed her some of my scarves and cowls that I already made (like the knit Coffee House Scarf, the crochet Popcorn Candy Cowl, and the two versions of the Cabled Cowl – one machine knit, and one hand knitted).  I also had swatches from various other items that I showed her.

From looking at everything we knew it could not be out of wool since it really tickles her when it is next to skin.  She also wanted more of a traditional scarf that she could wear with solid color shirts to be a little bit warmer.  She liked more closed stitches, but nothing too chunky.

Modern Love Scarf free crochet pattern by

So off to the store we went to look for yarn.  We originally thought of a cotton yarn, but she saw the Lion Brand’s Ice Cream Yarn (get it here) and said that was it!  She pulled out two colorways – a variegated gray, and a variegated brown.  I kept my mouth shut since I would personally go with the gray since it would match 90% of my wardrobe, and I felt it would be best with her wardrobe being mostly in cooler shades of color.  Luckily my sister was also there to give a very objective opinion since she wears even more color than my mom and I combined.  Eventually they also chose the gray variegated and off we went for me to start making a scarf.

Over Thanksgiving we took a trip to see family that put us in the car for 11 hours there, and 11 hours back.  I took the Ice Cream yarn and my hooks along with me.  I started playing around with various stitches to see what it would look like with the yarn and the color variegation.  I knew I wanted something that would be worked lengthwise of the scarf so that there would be long lines in the pattern.   I tried several different stitch patterns and sizes to see how they would work with my mom’s specifications.  Luckily my mom was with us on the trip, so I could show her the swatches and see what her thoughts were at the same times.  After several different options we both really liked the one that is now what the Modern Love scarf is made of.  It also has the added bonus for it being a fairly easy and quick pattern.

The pattern consists of double crochets that are worked in the front loop only, and half double crochets that are worked around the posts of the double crochets.  Throw in some chains and you have the pattern.  The trickiest part is double crocheting through the front loops only as you need to make sure that you are getting the one correct loop only, and then the next tricky part is making sure to switch to half double crochets after working a row of double crochets.  The pattern still works if you keep everything double crochet.  The scarf would then have more open space in the pattern holes.

I really enjoyed working with this yarn.  It feels great, and isn’t too thick or thin for a category 3 light yarn.  With it being acrylic it feels durable without being too harsh and stiff.  The color variegation leads to long lengths of color that created a nice shifting pattern without it being stripes, and you get all the color changes with only two ends to weave in when you finish.

I hope my mom likes this scarf as much as I do, and I hope you do as well.

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Modern Love Scarf free crochet pattern by


Crochet Modern Love Scarf

By City Farmhouse Studio

Lion Brand Ice Cream Yarn – Cookies and Cream – 1 skein – (get it here)

Crochet Hook – 9 (I)


Stitch markers

Finished Scarf Measures: 6″ x 56″


Stitch Guide:

Dc (double crochet) in front loop –Yarn over, inset hook into front loop only of stitch or ch.

Modern Love Scarf free crochet pattern by

Yarn over and pull through. You should have 3 loops on hook.  Yarn over and pull through 2 loops on the hook, yarn over again and pull through the last 2 loops on hook.

FPhdc – front post half double crochet – Yarn over, insert hook from front to back to front around post of stitch to be worked.

Modern Love Scarf free crochet pattern by

Yarn over and pull up loop, yarn over and pull through all loops on hook.

Modern Love Scarf free crochet pattern by


Row 1:  In 4th ch from hook dc.  Dc in each chain to end.

Row 2:   Ch3.  Place a stitch marker in second chain made.  FPhdc in 3rd dc from end on previous row.  (Ch1, skip 1 stitch, FPhdc around following stitch).  Repeat ending with a FPhdc around last dc of previous row.

Row3:  Ch2 (counts as first dc in row).  Dc in the front loop of each chain and FPhdc of previous row.  Use the stitch marker placed in Row 2 to identify the location of where to make the last stitch in the row.

Repeat Row 2 and 3 each 8 more times or to desired width.  Repeat Row 2 once more.
Bind off.

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  1. Cathy, this is absolutely beautiful! Prettier than I ever imagined. The scarf is very special, but the time spent with you choosing the pattern, picking out the yarn & being there as you made most of it are the memories that will stay with me forever.

    1. I’m glad you like it, Mom! Now you just have to unwrap it at Christmas to wear it! I really enjoyed getting to walk through this pattern creation with you, it was fun and one I also will remember fondly!

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