Machine Knit Pattern for Cabled Cowl

machine knit cabled cowl, pattern

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Standard Gauge Flat Bed and Ribber

100% cotton = 3 strands of 16/2 from Cindy’s Knitting Room (find it here)

T8 on both dials



Cast on 58 st on main bed with waste yarn and then ravel cord.

Set row counter to 000.

Transfer stitches to ribber referencing the R needles on PDF chart (found here).  K3 rows in main color.

Cable outside edge needles and 4 on inside panel as shown on the chart. K6 rows.

Cable outside edges and 3 inside in the panel. K6 rows.

Repeat previous two lines to RC 426.

Cable outside edges and 3 inside in the panel. K3.

Kitchener the two seams.

Single crochet around both edges to finish.

Weave in ends





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