Knit Play Day Child’s Cardigan Pattern

Knit Play Day Cardigan free pattern by

This pattern has been a long one in the making.  Last winter I first made this cardigan for our oldest daughter, the red head.  She wore it all winter and into spring, and the blonde daughter became jealous.  So, a cardigan for blondie was added to my project list.   

For blondie’s cardigan I used Premier Serenity sock yarn in soft white.  Just like red’s, the front panel is in a textured stitch that is created by slipping every other stitch for two rows and having the yarn go over the stitch.  On the third row the stitch with the two yarn overs are knit as one, and the stitch that had been previously worked is slipped with the yarn going over it.  It is a brioche stitch for hand knitters, and called a tuck stitch in machine knitting.  It sounds complicated, but is easy to do.  It also is easy to read your work once you realize what the pattern looks like on the needles.  The only down side is that it takes more rows and yarn to get the length you need.  The upside, since you are really only working every other stitch it goes quicker than you think.

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