Weekender Cardigan Crochet Pattern

Free crochet pattern for Weekender Cardigan by www.CityFarmhouseStudio.com Size XS-3XL

Earlier this spring I came to the realization that I did not have any handmade wool sweaters to wear.  Living in Michigan it is cold, and I’m always cold.  I have found that layers that include wool garments have become my best friends in staying warm.  I have several men’s wool sweaters from our local thrift store that I wear around the house, but I didn’t have anything that was presentable to go out in or that I had made.

So, while the weather was still cool and full on summer heat hadn’t arrived, I began to design and make a wool sweater cardigan for myself.  Since I had wool sweaters I knew I wanted more of a jacket or cardigan because it is easier to take on or off if you get hot.  It also has the option to be worn unbuttoned.  Practicality and versatility are always a priority for me. Continue reading “Weekender Cardigan Crochet Pattern”

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