Mama’s Got a Brand New Bag Crochet Pattern

As you all know from the Journey Bag post, I love bags. While I was making the Journey Bag the concept for this bag came to mind. I kept thinking about it, and found myself lying in bed at night thinking about how it would go together. It was then I knew it had to be made so that I could get sleep without dreaming of bags.

So, now Mama’s Got a Brand New Bag. While the bag looks like it is complicated to make since it is triangular, it really is just a rectangle that is folded on itself and strategically sewn in just 2 places. While crocheting around the edges you connect the top two points to make the strap, and the bag is complete.

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Knit Play Day Child’s Cardigan Pattern

Knit Play Day Cardigan free pattern by

This pattern has been a long one in the making.  Last winter I first made this cardigan for our oldest daughter, the red head.  She wore it all winter and into spring, and the blonde daughter became jealous.  So, a cardigan for blondie was added to my project list.   

For blondie’s cardigan I used Premier Serenity sock yarn in soft white.  Just like red’s, the front panel is in a textured stitch that is created by slipping every other stitch for two rows and having the yarn go over the stitch.  On the third row the stitch with the two yarn overs are knit as one, and the stitch that had been previously worked is slipped with the yarn going over it.  It is a brioche stitch for hand knitters, and called a tuck stitch in machine knitting.  It sounds complicated, but is easy to do.  It also is easy to read your work once you realize what the pattern looks like on the needles.  The only down side is that it takes more rows and yarn to get the length you need.  The upside, since you are really only working every other stitch it goes quicker than you think.

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Crochet Journey Bag Journey Bag free crochet pattern

note: this post contains affiliate links

I am excited to share that my Journey Bag pattern has been published on Marie’s Underground Crafter website.  Head over to her blog to read more about the bag and see the pattern HERE.

I really enjoyed making this bag, and now using it. It is the perfect size – big enough to hold what I need, but not so big that everything gets lost into a dark bottomless pit. It has quickly become my everyday, go anywhere tote.

Also, you can get the printable PDF version of the pattern (without ads) HERE.

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Crochet Dish Cloth Trio

Free Crochet Patterns for Dish Cloth Trio by
Across the Land, By the Ocean, and Open Air Dish Cloth

I never knew my appreciation for handmade dish washing cloths or scrubbies until after I was gifted some by a family friend.  I loved the quality feel of them, and also they had the right amount of grit without being too harsh for our dishes.  What surprised me most was that they brought just a little more joy into such a dreaded chore of mine.  A couple of years ago I also made members of my family little square scrubbies out of Red Heart Scrubby Yarn to share the love of handmade dish washing scrubbers.

Recently, my dad informed me that he broke a glass while he was washing dishes.  Little glass shards ended up in his scrubber that I gave to him. Apparently he also has become fond of handmade ones over store purchased and was dropping hints that he would like another one.  Or, maybe he just likes to use something that his daughter made for him.  Either way I needed to replace his so he could continue washing dishes with handmade dish scrubby enjoyment.

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Crochet Pattern for Modern Love Scarf

Modern Love Scarf free crochet pattern by

A few weeks ago, I was out shopping with my mom when she started looking at scarves.  I told her that I could make her one, but she said “no, no, no, you are busy as it is, and you don’t need to make me anything.  I can buy one.”  Well, for once I won over my mom.  We settled on me making her one as a Christmas gift.  Here it is, December 8th and it is finished!  Hooray for not finishing it last minute!

Now the fun part of making her scarf, designing it!  Did she want a traditional scarf or a cowl, chunky or lighter weight, wide or thinner, open lace type stitches or closed, knit or crochet, wool or something else? Continue reading “Crochet Pattern for Modern Love Scarf”

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Weekender Cardigan Crochet Pattern

Free crochet pattern for Weekender Cardigan by Size XS-3XL

Earlier this spring I came to the realization that I did not have any handmade wool sweaters to wear.  Living in Michigan it is cold, and I’m always cold.  I have found that layers that include wool garments have become my best friends in staying warm.  I have several men’s wool sweaters from our local thrift store that I wear around the house, but I didn’t have anything that was presentable to go out in or that I had made.

So, while the weather was still cool and full on summer heat hadn’t arrived, I began to design and make a wool sweater cardigan for myself.  Since I had wool sweaters I knew I wanted more of a jacket or cardigan because it is easier to take on or off if you get hot.  It also has the option to be worn unbuttoned.  Practicality and versatility are always a priority for me. Continue reading “Weekender Cardigan Crochet Pattern”

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Coffee House Knit Scarf Pattern

Free knitting pattern - Coffee House Scarf by

A little while ago a friend asked me to make her a scarf that was long, thick and cozy; like a blanket that you could wrap yourself up with. After playing around with stitch patterns and yarn thickness the Coffee House Knit Scarf pattern came to be.

I have always liked tuck stitch/slipped stitch patterns in knitting. They give you so much depth and texture, in addition to creating a thick and cushiony fabric that is perfect for something that you want to be warm and cozy. Continue reading “Coffee House Knit Scarf Pattern”

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No More Naked Baby Dolls Crochet Clothes

Free Crochet Pattern No More Naked Dolls by

A few years ago, Red and I were out shopping at a local craft store.  Somehow, we managed to end up in the doll making aisle.  I can only guess we arrived there after looking through all the toy aisles since they are right next to each other.  On a lower shelf, perfect for a then 4-year old’s eye perspective, there were several muslin fabric dolls.  The head, body and limbs were all sewn together and stuffed.  There were no facial details or hair, but just a blank doll that you could do as you wanted.  Red immediately fell in love.  As it was only a few dollars I caved in and we bought the doll.  We also picked out a skein of yarn for me to make her a doll outfit.  Bonus – more yarn for me!

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